Survey on the International Trade in Services

The international trade in services is of major importance for the Dutch economy. Information about the international trade in services provides insight in the economic relations of the Netherlands with other countries. Statistics Netherlands seeks to meet the need for information about the international trade in services by directly approaching Dutch enterprises and by obtaining data through De Nederlandsche Bank and NBTC-NIPO.
Results of this survey


Reporting with the questionnaire

To open the online questionnaire please go to
The letter you received included your User name and the Access code.
Translation of the Dutch letter about International trade in services (PDF - 38 kB).
Please Note: you will receive new access codes each quarter!
If you lost your access codes, please request new codes here.

Reporting with the standard record lay-out

This is the most attractive way for enterprises with different types of services and imports and exports to many countries. If you want to report data through your own administrative software please look at the Manual International Trade in Services by country. This manual shows which specifications you need to build a software program for submitting the statistical data on the International Trade in Services. You can upload and send us your data through a secure internet link.


Frequently asked questions on this survey

  • Which country codes were changed in 2016?

    Code TitleFrom 2016 onwards:
    4M Single Resolution Board new

    See Manual International Trade in Services by country.
  • I can generate quarterly standard record lay-out files myself. How do I obtain the necessary numbers (PSI/agent, Statistics Netherlands registration number etc.)?

    You can get these numbers by emailing your request to
  • I can generate a standard record lay-out file with data on a given quarter. How can I mail this file to Statistics Netherlands?

    You can upload this file to Statistics Netherlands. You do not need any specific software for this. You can upload files by creating a secure link to Statistics Netherlands through your internet browser. The HTTPS protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) takes care of a secure data exchange via the Internet.
    Uploading files requires a survey code, name and password. If you want to use the upload facility please email, with subject IDG. In this email you should also include:
    Statistics Netherlands registration number,
    Name of the company PSI/Agent,
    Address of the PSI/Agent,
    Name, email address and telephone number of the contact.
    We will then email you the survey code, login name and password as well as the internet link.
  • Can I get an extension of the period for submitting the questionnaire?

    Yes it is possible to get a limited extension for submitting the questionnaire. Please contact
  • Where do I find a detailed manual on the International Trade in Services?


Contact information

If you have any further questions about the questionnaire, please contact us by email at or by telephone at +3145 5707520.
For other questions please contact the CBS Contact Center at
or phone during office hours on week days:
- +3145 5706400 (9-5) for general questions
- +3145 5706627 (10-12 and 2-4) for technical questions.